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Seedless Watermelons

Seedless Watermelons

Seedless watermelons are way easier to eat! A triploid type melon meaning it needs another watermelon variety (diploid) to aid in reproduction. Seedless watermelons are growing in popularity and fun to grow! Nothing taste better than a watermelon on a hot summer day.

The Triple Gold Seedless Watermelon is a delicious seedless watermelon with a sweet, light yellow flesh that just screams summer! This variety produces early and is a yellow triploid seedless hybrid with deep golden yellow flesh. Its rind color is light green with dark green stripes and has a mouth-watering taste! This delicious round melon gets to be 8-10 pounds.

Don't like seeds? Try this sweet seedless watermelon. Round Trip produces a perfectly round shaped watermelon. Dark Crimson Sweet Striping. Bright red, crisp flesh with high brix. Heavy uniform yield. Excellent vine growth for sunburn protection of fruit. Intermediate Resistance from Fusarium Wilt, Gummy Stem Blight, Anthracnose and Powdery Mildew.

Looking for a seedless watermelon perfect for picnics? You found it! Triple Crown produces red fleshed triploid (seedless) watermelon with green rind and dark green striping. Red flesh is firm and crisp. 18-20 pound fruit are oval and slightly elongated.

Round Trip is a seedless triploid watermelon variety that takes all the hassle out of eating watermelon. This is a juicy and sweet watermelon that will become a garden favorite. Important: An open pollinated watermelon variety is needed for fertilization.

Sweet Trip is a blocky, oblong shape. Bright red flesh. Dark Crimson Sweet rind. An excellent keep and great for market selling.