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Seedless Watermelons

Seedless Watermelons

Seedless watermelons are way easier to eat! A triploid type melon meaning it needs another watermelon variety (diploid) to aid in reproduction. Seedless watermelons are growing in popularity and fun to grow! Nothing taste better than a watermelon on a hot summer day.

The Triple Gold Seedless Watermelon is a delicious seedless watermelon with a sweet, light yellow flesh that just screams summer! This variety produces early and is a yellow triploid seedless hybrid with deep golden yellow flesh. Its rind color is light green with dark green stripes and has a mouth-watering taste! This delicious round melon gets to be 8-10 pounds.

Belmont is a seedless mini-watermelon that matures at 6-10 lbs. Belmont offers extremely deep red flesh color and excellent demarcation. It has a very strong and vigorous vine with excellent yield potential. For best results plant Ace, Watermelon Seeds with this variety as a non-harvester pollenizer.

For use with seedless watermelon production. Ace was developed as a non-harvested pollenizer for the production of seedless watermelon. It produces long, thin and very sturdy vines with small leaves. Ace blooms early and profusely, providing an abundance of pollen over a more extended period.

Secretariat is a fast maturing watermelon with high yields. This seedless watermelon offers a smooth, medium-green exterior with green stripes and has a nice round-oval shape. The flesh is firm, crisp, deep red flesh. For best results plant Ace, Watermelon Seeds with this variety as a non-harvester pollenizer.

The smallest seedless watermelon on the market. These mini-watermelons weigh in at 3–5 lbs. when fully mature. Ocelot has a striped rind and holds well in the field. Delicious flesh and firm, dense texture combine for an excellent eating experience. Flesh is rich red and remarkably sweet. Round/oval shape, avg. 7". Avg. 2–3 fruits/plant. Needs a pollinator variety (we suggest Sugar Baby).

Sorbet is a delicious and small sized watermelon that is great for farmers markets and home gardens. Matures to 6-8lbs, 9" round with crisp and bright red flesh. Great flavor and lots of sweetness. Needs a pollinator watermelon variety like Sugary Baby. Intermediate resistance to Fusarium wilt race 0 and anthracnose.

Looking for a seedless watermelon perfect for picnics? You found it! Triple Crown produces red fleshed triploid (seedless) watermelon with green rind and dark green striping. Red flesh is firm and crisp. 18-20 pound fruit are oval and slightly elongated.

Eclipse is a seedless Sugar Baby type weighing 10 to 12 lbs. Fruits are round, with a narrow stripe on a black background. It is early maturing, with excellent rind demarcation and good red flesh color. Eclipse is very flavorful, as well.