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A fingerling potato is a small, finger-shaped gourmet potato. Popular fingerling potatoes include the yellow-skinned Russian Banana, the red-skinned French. Fingerlings are great roasted as a side dish or used in salads.

SPRING SHIPPING - Certified - The French Fingerling is a gourmet quality fingerling with a deliciously beautiful bright red skin. This fingerling has red skin and a creamy yellow flesh. The French Fingerling produces good quality, medium size tubers which are beautiful when served in various dishes.

SPRING SHIPPING - Certified - The Banana Fingerling is a beautiful light brown skinned potato with a creamy inside! This variety is the most popular fingerling and it's also the easiest to grow. Developed in Europe, the Banana Fingerling is proclaimed to be excellent in salads. It is used amongst chefs and gourmet markets. The yellow, banana-shaped, waxy tubers have a firm texture that has wonderful flavor when baked, boil or steamed Mid-season!

SPRING SHIPPING - Certified - The Magic Molly is a purple-skinned fingerling potato with a unique dark purple flesh! This potato variety produces larger than normal fingerling-shaped tubers with dark purple skin and solid dark purple flesh that retains its color even when boiled. Magic Molly's tubers have an excellent flavor, especially when roasted!