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Vining Peas

Vining Peas Seed

Vining peas are more popular than the bush varieties. Vining peas should be grown up a trellis or support. They offer higher yields and easier harvest.

Thomas Laxton is an heirloom pea plant that is big and productive. This pea variety is named after the famous pea breeder, Thomas Laxton. This old heirloom pea is over a century old and has withstood the test of time. Each pod contains at least 8 peas and often up to 10! Make sure to support the Thomas Laxton's 3' vines with a trellis.

The Progress No. 9 Pea is a very prolific and early yielding shelling pea! This wrinkle-seeded pea is fast growing and produces plump dark green pods. Enjoy 7-9 delicious peas per pod that are perfect for soups or as a side dish. The Progress No. 9 holds well on the vine and is also disease resistant. Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.

The Sugar Snap Pea is a garden staple pea that has unmatchable taste! This variety has tall vines that with support can grow up to 6 feet plus! The Sugar Snap Pea plant produces 3" long pods that are a 1/2" across, and bear over a long picking period. This is pea is so tasty that people will eat it directly after picking! Sugar Snap yields well in both hot and cold weather.

The Alderman Pea is a favorite home garden variety that will climb a 6-8 foot trellis. This variety produces huge pods, each filled with 6-8 peas that are easy to harvest and shell. The Alderman's large peas have that fine fresh pea flavor that makes it popular in many dishes. This late-maturing pea plant also allows for many pickings.

The Super Sugar Pea is an improved original tall snap pea that is bursting with a sugary sweet flavor! This plant variety has a very high yield potential and even better flavor than before being improved, making it a favorite to add to many dishes.