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Arugula Seed

(Eruca sativa, aka Garden Rocket) There are two types of Arugula in the consumer market. The more common salad types are typically found in the US and have broad leaves, vigorous growth rates, with peppery arugula flavor. Wild arugula types more commonly found in Europe have lobed leaves, slower growth rates, and tend to have a heavy spice flavor.

A newer variety that produces flaming red veins on deeply lobed, dark green leaves. Dragon’s Fire brings a great mix of color, shapely form, and delicious, zesty flavor to garden mixes.

Astro Arugula is a popular arugula type with spicy flavor! This standard arugula is grown for it's long, green leaves. Astro is fast growing and will withstand cold temperatures. This arugula is best harvested at baby size. If you want to spice up your salads and meals, then the Astro Arugula will be the perfect addition to your garden!

The Roquette Arugula has tender smooth leaves that thrive in the cooler weather. This peppery-mustard-flavored arugula is a staple of fine cuisine! The Roquette Arugula grows fast and is great for spicing up any meal!

A slow growing arugula with great tasting peppery leaves! This variety produces 4" deeply cut leaves that have a slightly sharp pepper flavor. The Sylvetta is compact, heat and cold tolerant. If you are looking to spice up your salads and meals, then this is for you!