We carry a large selection of hardneck and softneck garlic bulbs for home gardeners. Freshly grown garlic cloves has so much more flavor than plain white garlic bought at the supermarket. Use our garlic comparison chart to decide which garlic is best for you.

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How to Grow Garlic

The Nootka Rose garlic is certified, and has a strong and aggressive flavor great for cooking. The Nootka Rose garlic was created on a farm in Washington State. The cloves have a dark coloration that are typically brown with red streaks. The Nootka Rose's bulbs tend to yield anywhere from 15-24 cloves each. This variety is a very long storing silverskin garlic. Approximately 12-15 garlic bulbs per pound. Approximately 15-24 cloves per bulb.

The German Extra Hardy garlic is a prolific producer of long rooted garlic that can store in the ground throughout winter. This variety has pale white skin with dark red cloves. The German Extra Hardy has a strong raw flavor and high sugar content, making it one of the very best for roasting. Hardneck, 4-7 cloves per bulb.

California Late is the most commonly used garlic in the United States. This variety produces large bulbs with 12-16 good size cloves. California Late is more on the hot side with a classic garlic flavor. California Late is later maturing than California Early, as it ripens in July. It stores for about 8-12 months. California Late is a really great all around use garlic that is also excellent for baking.

Yugoslavian garlic is considered a porcelain, which is a great storing garlic! This variety is hot & spicy and holds its shape and flavor well when cooked. Yugoslavian is regarded by some as the best if you like a good kick and is a hardneck variety.

Chinese pink garlic, also known as Asian Rose or Chinese Rose garlic, is a delightful variety cherished for its subtle flavor and distinctive pink-tinged cloves. Cultivating Chinese pink garlic begins with selecting high-quality bulbs for planting, typically in the autumn months. Like other garlic varieties, it thrives in well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Planting cloves should be spaced several inches apart and planted with the pointed end facing upwards, ensuring proper development. Throughout the growing season, Chinese pink garlic requires consistent watering and weed control to promote healthy growth. As the garlic plants mature, they produce long, slender scapes that can be harvested for culinary use, while underground, the bulbs swell and develop their characteristic flavor. Harvesting usually occurs in late spring or early summer when the leaves begin to turn yellow and dry. Once harvested, Chinese pink garlic can be cured in a warm, dry place to enhance its flavor and storage qualities. Whether grown in backyard gardens or on a larger scale, cultivating Chinese pink garlic offers a rewarding experience, yielding a flavorful and versatile ingredient for a variety of culinary creations.

Turkish Red Garlic, known as "Kırmızı Sarımsak" in Turkish, is a distinctive variety celebrated for its striking appearance and robust flavor. Originating from the fertile lands of Turkey, this garlic boasts large bulbs wrapped in layers of papery skin ranging from pale pink to deep crimson. Each bulb contains cloves with a vibrant red hue, lending an eye-catching appeal to dishes. Renowned for its rich, earthy flavor and pungent aroma, Turkish Red Garlic adds depth and complexity to culinary creations. Its taste is robust yet mellow, with a slightly spicy kick that develops when raw and mellows when cooked, making it versatile in various cuisines. Whether minced into sauces, roasted to perfection, or used as a bold garnish, Turkish Red Garlic enhances the flavor profile of dishes, while its visual appeal elevates the presentation. This prized ingredient is a staple in Turkish cuisine, cherished for its distinctive taste and cultural significance, and it continues to captivate the palates of food enthusiasts around the world.

Korean red garlic, also known as Hongdangmu, is a sought-after variety prized for its robust flavor and vibrant reddish hue. Cultivating Korean red garlic begins with selecting high-quality bulbs for planting, typically in the fall. Like other garlic varieties, it thrives in well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter. Planting cloves should be spaced several inches apart and planted with the pointed end facing upwards, ensuring proper development. Throughout the growing season, Korean red garlic requires regular watering and weed control to promote healthy growth. As the garlic plants mature, they produce tall, sturdy stalks with small bulbils, which can be harvested for culinary use. Underground, the bulbs develop their characteristic flavor, with the red hue intensifying as they mature. Harvesting usually occurs in late spring or early summer when the leaves begin to turn yellow and dry. Once harvested, Korean red garlic can be cured in a warm, dry place to enhance its flavor and storage qualities. Whether grown in home gardens or on a larger scale, cultivating Korean red garlic offers a rewarding experience, providing a flavorful and versatile ingredient for a wide range of culinary delights.

Aglio Rosso garlic traces its origins to the picturesque town of Sulmona, nestled in the heart of Italy's Abruzzo region. Renowned for its fertile soil and favorable climate, Sulmona provides the perfect conditions for cultivating this unique variety of garlic. The cultivation of Aglio Rosso typically begins in the autumn months, with cloves carefully planted in well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. As the seasons progress, the garlic bulbs mature beneath the earth's surface, drawing nourishment from the soil and sun. Throughout the winter months, the garlic lays dormant, gradually developing its distinctive flavor and color. Come springtime, the vibrant hues of Aglio Rosso begin to emerge, signaling the approaching harvest season. With meticulous care and attention, farmers gently unearth the bulbs, ensuring they reach their full potential. From its humble beginnings in the fertile fields of Sulmona to kitchens around the world, Aglio Rosso garlic embodies the time-honored tradition of Italian agriculture and the art of cultivating flavors that captivate the senses.

Bogatyr garlic are small and intense. Its bulb wrappers are thick and parchment-like with white skin showcasing purple and violet stripes. As you peel away the outer wrappers, the purple striping intensifies, becoming almost a solid mix of purple hues surrounding the cloves. A single bulb will house five to six plump cloves. The peeled cloves are creamy white and dense. Bogatyr garlic is known for its fiery, raw heat that diminishes quickly to a mild and pleasant flavor.

Red Toch is a certified, beautiful garlic with stripes of red and pink! The Red Toch is also know as “Tochliavri” in the small Republic of Georgia village from which it hails. This garlic variety is another vigorous member of the Artichoke family and produces 12 to 18 cloves in a typical bulb. The widely celebrated flavor of the Red Toch has been described by famed garlic symposium organizer Darrell Merrell as “not too mild, not too hot”, and having “a mellow spicy tang with a fragrant aroma.”

Georgian Crystal garlic has a rich flavor and mild heat for a Porcelain hardneck. When slow roasted this variety, it has an amazing buttery flavor that melts in your mouth! This garlic grows well throughout the USA, but even better in areas with hot summers. Averages 4-5 cloves per bulb.

The Persian Star is a hardneck purple stripe type garlic. The outer skin can grow pure white with inner wrappers that are streaked purple. The red-tipped cloves with marbled streaks on whitish or yellow-brown background. The Persian Star is a very pleasant flavor with a mild spicy zing that is a great addition to any dish!

Thai Fire garlic, also known as "Dok Mai" in Thai, is a fiery and aromatic variety renowned for its intense flavor and pungency. Originating from Thailand, this garlic boasts a striking appearance with its bulbous cloves wrapped in pinkish-purple tinged skins. True to its name, Thai Fire garlic packs a punch, delivering a potent heat that ignites the palate with each bite. Its flavor profile is complex, combining sharp garlic notes with hints of spice and a subtle sweetness, making it a versatile ingredient in Thai cuisine and beyond. Whether used raw to add a bold kick to salads and salsas or cooked to mellow its intensity in curries, stir-fries, and marinades, Thai Fire garlic adds depth and excitement to any dish. Its robust flavor and distinctive aroma make it a favorite among spice enthusiasts and culinary adventurers alike, offering a tantalizing taste of Thailand's vibrant culinary heritage.

Metechi is a mid-season maturing purple stripe garlic. Produces a robust garlic flavor along with a sharp bite. Raw, it's fiery hot, finishing with a lasting spice. Metechi has thick, white-wrapped bulbs that hold 4-6 bulky cloves clothed in blushed skin with purple accents. Exceptionally cold-hardy plants have broad, upright leaves.

The Inchelium Red garlic has won many awards with its delicious flavor of a soft-neck variety. This mild flavored garlic can be used in many different dishes. This large, top-quality softneck was discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in northern Washington. Stores very well for 6-9 months. Mid-season, Artichoke type.

Russian Red garlic has big bulbs that have a slightly purple skin that wraps the bulbs and cloves. This variety is a great garlic to grow for soil conditions that are slightly damp. Russian Red is one of the most flavorful heirloom garlics we offer. Approximately 6-9 cloves/ bulb. Approximately 45-60 garlic cloves/ pound.

California Early is an excellent planting garlic variety that produces bulbs great for culinary use and is an early season garlic harvest! This variety is likely the most commonly grown variety in the U.S., and for good reason. It is a medium, easy to grow softneck, with a nice mild flavor and excellent storage ability. Cal-Early is one of our "work-horse" varieties we depend on, year after year, for fresh market and garlic braiding. The skins are a nice off-white with a purple blush and it produces 10-16 cloves per head.

Romanian Red garlic produces 4 to 5 large cloves per bulb. This variety's bulbs are a beautiful cream white with shades of purple skins. Once harvested, these whole bulbs will store for months. Romanian Red produces a delicious flavor that is pungent and long-lasting.

The German Red garlic is an easy to grow garlic that is well suited for cold winters. This garlic variety offers a strong, spicy and robust flavor with large, easy to peel cloves. Averages 14 cloves per bulb. Hardneck variety.

Georgian Fire garlic is a certified, farm favorite with a stunning flavor and cloves! This garlic variety has the classic garlic porcelain sheen and flavor. The Georgian Fire variety is the beauty queen of the garlic world. Its cloves grow large and average about 6 to 8 per bulb. This garlic can be eaten raw as they have a pleasantly hot flavor. Roasting really brings out the flavor of Georgian Fire! Porcelain hardneck type. Approximately 10 garlic bulbs per pound.

Italian Red is a certified, great tasting and excellent storing garlic! Italian Red Porcelain is the garlic variety that is widely grown throughout the United States originating in California. Early Italian Red hardneck garlic is a very heat-tolerant porcelain-type garlic that can be planted in spring in northern gardens for a fall harvest! This garlic variety produces 6-10 large cloves per bulb that are fairly mild with a little garlic spiced flavor which intensifies during storage.

Music garlic is a "Garlic Lovers" garlic! This garlic variety is prized for it's mild flavor and ease of peeling. Its flavor is well developed without any bitterness, and it does not disappear when cooked. Just one clove can add so much flavor to any recipe, so it is time-saving! This variety keeps well until April or May when stored properly. Most bulbs average 4-5 cloves.

The Montana Giant garlic has a full and robust taste that sets it apart from other garlics. It can pack a punch of high heat that quickly melts away. Montana Giant is a hardneck Rocambole that produces large cloves that are easy to peel and great to cook with. Averages 5-7 cloves per bulb.

The Siberian garlic is certified and does great in cold weather! Siberian is a mid-season garlic and a great producer in cold climates. This variety does great for all northern gardeners! The cloves of this garlic are protected by an attractive light red skin. This clean, medium-to-strong flavored garlic will warm your soul on the coldest winter evening! Siberian has a very high allicin content, possibly the highest of any garlic. Allicin supports normal cholesterol levels, boosts the immune system, and enhances circulation! Approximately 12 garlic bulbs per pound. Approximately 4-5 cloves per bulb. Hardneck Garlic