(Solanum melongena) Eggplant is easy to grow and produces high yields of nutritious fruits. Growing in popularity in America, eggplants have been staples in India and Asian cuisine. With beautiful purple flowers and handsome glossy fruits, eggplants look beautiful in gardens, borders and pots.

Black Beauty eggplant has been a garden staple for over 100 years! This eggplant variety is an immediate hit because the plants ripen perfect fruits dramatically earlier than other varieties. Black Beauty has became the common market eggplant of today! This eggplant can be enjoyed roasted on salads or as a meat substitute but when harvested fresh, however, makes all the difference!

The Turkish Orange eggplant is a vibrant orange colored eggplant with high yields! This unique variety yields many bright orange tennis ball sized fruits! This eggplant will require support because it's so prolific. The Turkish Orange has a very flavorful, sweet and rich flavor that is perfect for stuffing.

The Dimpled Brown Crowder is an excellent cowpea for canning, freezing or drying. The Dimpled Brown Crowder Cowpea is a prolific yielder with pods that contain 12-15 peas that are closely bunched together. If you are using this variety for Nitrogen fixation, we highly recommend using a cowpea inoculant. Try with cowpea inoculant for maximum Nitrogen fixation.

Black Beauty is an early variety eggplant that has been a staple for over 100 years! This hardy favorite is now available in organic seeds. Known as the common market eggplant, it can get up to 1-3 pounds. This tasty organic eggplant is high yielding and will hold its color and flavor well. Enjoy the Black Beauty roasted on salads or as a meat substitute. Certified Organic. Learn more about our organic seeds.