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Crack Resistant

Crack Resistant

Vegetables can crack whenever the soil’s moisture level fluctuates, such as during a dry spell or too much rain following a period of dryness. It is important to keep the soil moisture even to prevent cracking, but at Urban Farmer we have gone a step further and have put together a selection of crack-resistant vegetables to make your garden experience the best it can be.

The Betty Tomato is an extraordinary tasting dark red juicy tomato that has a substantial beefsteak size. This variety has the characteristics of an heirloom tomato combined with the large yield of a hybrid. The delicious Betty is known for being good for early spring production.

A classic disease resistant tomato! The Celebrity tomato plant is as close to perfect as you can get! This plant produces perfectly shaped 8 ounce fruits with excellent flavor. Chosen as the AAS winner this tomato is easy to grow and very disease resistant. No cracking and fruits keep coming over a long garden season. The Celebrity is a proven home tomato garden favorite.

The SunSugar Tomato is an early maturing cherry tomato with a high sugar content that is a customer favorite for a reason! These beautiful cherry sized orange tomatoes will be the first tomato to harvest in early summer. Every 1/2 oz. fruit has 3 times more vitamin A found in most other red tomatoes. Not only does this variety contain more nutrients but it is sweeter than candy and impossible to eat just one! SunSugar is crack resistant with very vigorous, heavy yields and no need for staking!

The Sweet Million has a delicious flavor with outstanding yields that keeps coming back! This hybrid produces large clusters of smooth, bright red fruits that come early and will produce all summer long. This variety is one of the most popular home garden tomatoes that always pleases. The disease resistant Sweet Million tomatoes are 1-1.5" long and produces high yields until the first frost if picked regularly.

The Black Sea Man Tomato is a fantastic tasting Russian heirloom that has a wonderful rich flavor when added to different dishes. This tomato variety is a small plant that produces good yields of medium-sized brownish-pink fruits that have a beautiful olive green shading. The Black Sea Man has a beautiful marbled flesh that gets even more attractive when blanched and peeled.

The Purple Bumble Bee Tomato is part of the beautiful and tasty Artisan tomato collection with a sweet fruity flavor that is great for fresh eating! This variety produces tomatoes with a purple color and a metallic green striping. The Purple Bumble Bee is beautiful when mixed with the other Artisan tomatoes.