Additional Shipping Charges - "Shipping Surcharges"


Why do we occasionally have shipping surcharges?

There are some items that are economically difficult for us to offer free shipping. These items tend to be large, oddly shaped, heavy or ship separate from your order main order. These items do not qualify for free shipping and a "Shipping Surcharge" will be added at checkout. 

At Urban Farmer our goal is to never make money on shipping. We try to break even on shipping cost at best. Besides the actual postage we pay the carrier, we must factor in the cost of packaging materials, labor, utilities, storage and credit card processing fees. If you think there is a mistake or an unfair charge to your order we want to know. Please email us at

These items may have a shipping surcharge:
Item Weight/Quantity
Seeds 25 lbs
  50 lbs
  100 lbs
Asparagus Roots 100 Roots
  500 Roots
Fruit Plants 1 Plant
  3 Plants
  6 Plants
  12 Plants
Fertilizers 24 lbs
  4 Gallons
Garlic 25 lbs
Onions 5 lbs
  10 lbs
  15 lbs
  32 lbs
  64 lbs
Potatoes 20 lbs
  50 lbs
  100 lbs
Sweet Potatoes 50 Slips
  100 Slips
  500 Slips
Strawberry Roots 500 Roots
  1500 Roots
Wildflower 50 lbs
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