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Ryegrass Seed

Ryegrass is great for building soil fertility at a low cost. A fast growing, non-spreading bunch grass, annual ryegrass is a reliable, versatile performer that grows well anywhere.Excellent at preventing soil erosion, taking up excess N and weed suppression. Also great at enhancing water infiltration, water-holding capacity or irrigation efficiency. Also helps decrease soil borne diseases.

The Annual Ryegrass is a very fast growing grass that makes for a great cover crop as its fibrous roots prevent soil erosion and build organic matter! Plant this grass early fall to late fall, or early to mid-spring and can germinate in cool weather. The Annual Ryegrass established protective cover quickly and over seeds well at higher rates. This grass can scavenge as much as 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre. When used as a spring cover crop, this Annual Ryegrass should be killed before reaching seed formation stage. Ryegrass (Lolium sp.) Uses: Erosion Control, Green Manure, Nitrogen Scavenger, No Till, Organic Matter (Biomass), Weed Suppression