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Certified – Best seller and an excellent keeper! Attractive, smooth, thin yellow skin, shallow eyes, yellow flesh and uniform yields. Lends itself well into any method of potato preparation. Immensely popular since its 1981 release from Canada. If you like your fried potatoes golden brown, Yukon Gold will almost turn that color by themselves. Yukon Gold is also favored by top chefs for making traditional mashed potatoes, the ones that are made from the all American Russet potato. However, with Yukon Gold, your mashed potatoes are golden and beautiful to both the eye and the taste. When first harvested, Yukon Gold shows unique pink eyes not seen in other yellow varieties. They are best when home grown!

Seed potatoes are pre-order. Seed potatoes will be delivered spring 2018.

Potatoes may be planted as soon as the ground can be worked in the early spring, but you must use good judgment. The soil should be evenly moist, but not wet or soggy. If the soil is water logged when you dig, not only will you risk “caking” the soil, your seed potatoes will probably rot before they even get started.

A day or two before planting, use a sharp, clean knife to slice the larger seed potatoes into two seeds. Each seed should be at least 1 1/2-2inches in size, and must contain at least 1 “eye” or bud. Smaller potatoes may be planted whole. Over the next couple days the cut side of the potato will form a thick callous over the cuts, which will help to prevent it from rotting once planted.

How Much Seed Potato do You Need?
Assume that you get on average 4 potato seeds per pound of potatoes. If you plant a seed potato every 8″ you will need 10 lbs. for a 25′ row, 20 lbs. for a 50′ row and 40 lbs. for 100′ row.

Spacing in Rows: 8-12 inches

Row Spacing: 18-24 inches

How to Cut a Potato:

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