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The Yellow Bush Rose is a very popular and beautiful yellow perennial rose bush variety will definitely beautify the garden! This variety looks great along fence lines, next to houses and anywhere you need some extra color.


Stratification of Rose Seeds: Before growing the roses from seed, the seeds have to undergo a period of stratification. This is a cold moist storage that gets the seeds ready for germination. Chilling your seeds in a refrigerator for about six weeks encourages them to germinate faster once planted. Place your seeds on a paper towel before moistening them. Use half purified water and half peroxide to prevent the growth of mould. You can then place them in a plastic zippered bag and keep at 34-38F. The paper towel should remain moist for the entire 6 weeks. Do not freeze the wet towel.

Sowing Rose Seeds: After 6 weeks of stratisfication, remove the bag from the refrigerator, sow in container 1/4″ deep in a grow media. Keep soil moist and temperature at 70F. Give them 12 hours light after germination.

Germination: Rose seeds will take 4-6 weeks to germinate. The first two seed leaves will start to emerge before the true leaves can emerge. The seedling must have three to four true leaves before they can be ready for transplanting.

Transplanting: When the seedlings are grown a few inches tall with at least three true leaves, they are ready to be transplanted. You can transplant them into a bigger pot will they will need to develop for the first year. Once large enough they can be transplanted to a permanent location that has good drainage and full sun. It will take 2-3 years for rose plant to reach maturity.

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