Tall Mix, Cosmo Seeds


Tall Mix, Cosmo Seeds


The Tall Mix Cosmo is a large flower that will make a bold and beautiful statement in your garden with its shades of pink, red and white blooms. This beautiful mix blooms throughout the summer producing large, colorful flowers with broad, fluted petals that have delicate, feathery foliage that blooms from midsummer on. The Tall Mix is graceful for backgrounds, borders and bouquets and it tolerates poor soil and hot, humid conditions.
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500 seeds

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Cosmo bipinnatus

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Growing Conditions

Extended Blooms,Cut Flowers,Attracts Beneficial Insects

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Direct Sow,Transplant














Growing Instructions

Learning Download: How to Grow Cosmos

Cosmos can appear in single or double blooms and are easy to care for. The flowers can reach up to 4 feet high but other varieties only reach 1 foot high.

Before Planting: Cosmos grow best in soil that has not been amended, so do not amend the soil prior to planting.

Planting: Scatter the seeds around the planting area and cover lightly with soil, no more than 1/4 inch. Space the seeds 12 to 18 inches apart.

Watering: Water regularly.

Fertilizer: Since Cosmos thrive on poor soil, do not add fertilizer to the plants.

Days to Maturity: Cosmos are good cut flowers that are long lasting and will begin to bloom about 7 weeks after sprouting.

Harvesting: Instead of deadheading, Cosmos can be cut to be displayed indoors and this has the same effect as deadheading would in encouraging more growth on the plant. Harvest when petals on the first flower are just opening, but not yet flattened.

Tips: Cosmos do well when paired with cleome, dahlias and cannas.

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