Sweet Woodruff, Galium Odoratum Seeds

Galium Odoratum

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Sweet Woodruff, Galium Odoratum Seeds

Galium Odoratum

The Sweet Woodruff is an excellent ground cover plant for shady areas and produces rich dark leaves and bright white flowers in late spring to early summer. A great choice to mix with spring flowering bulbs which can come up through this plant. Very cold hardy to zone 3 but does not do well in hot areas. Will not grow under pine trees. Foliage has a lovely scent of new mown hay which increases when the plant is dried.
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Botanical Name

Galium Odoratum

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25 seeds

Growing Conditions

Ground Cover

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Growing Instructions

Learning Download: How to Grow Galium Odoratum

Galium Odoratum, also known as Sweet Woodruff, blooms in the spring and is low maintenance. It is frequently grown in herb gardens, rock gardens, natural areas, border in the shade or as groundcover or edging.

Before Planting: You can start the seeds indoors up to 10 weeks before the season’s last frost date and then transplant outside after the last frost.

Planting: Plant the seeds directly in the garden in the spring, and to do so, lightly spread the seeds over the area and barely cover them with soil or peat moss.

Watering: Galium Odoratum should be watered only in conditions of prolonged drought.

Fertilizer: This plant does not require any fertilization to better its growth.

Days to Maturity: Galium Odoratum will begin to bloom in the spring.

Harvesting: Galium Odoratum is often used in potpourri and satchels. Harvest the leaves immediately after the plants bloom. Tie the branches in bunches and hang to dry in a warm, dark place with low humidity.

Tips: Since this plant has creeping roots and self-seeds, if its growth is too aggressive, gardeners can utilize withholding water as maintenance for controlling the growth if it is too aggressive.

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