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The Strawberry Digitallis is a vigorous and heavy-bearing perennial foxglove that produces beautiful, large blooms of deep “strawberry” pink. This variety is the longest lived foxglove on the market today.


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Digitalis, also known as foxglove, has long, tubular flowers growing on a tall stem in varying colors. Some Digitalis varieties can reach up to 6 feet in height.

Before Planting: Prior to planting seeds, amend the soil with compost.

Planting: Digitalis seeds also can be started indoors in the late fall, winter or spring. Surface sow the seeds and space them 1 inch apart. Once seedlings emerge, thin them to 12 inches apart.

Watering: Digitalis do best in rich and well-drained soil, and they grow well if the soil is kept moist throughout growth.

Fertilizer: Add a general-purpose fertilizer once a month to the Digitalis to promote fuller blooms.

Days to Maturity: Digitalis will begin flowering in the middle of summer.

Harvesting: Cutting the flowers to display in a vase also helps in preventing reseeding. Digitalis seeds can be harvested by waiting for the seed pods to turn brown and then holding an envelope beneath the pods while shaking the seeds out of the pod.

Tips: Be aware that Digitalis is poisonous if ingested. This can be handy, as deer avoid eating the plant, but keep young children and pets away from the plant.


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