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The Sneezeweed Helenium produces a numerous amount of beautiful, large, daisy-like yellow flowers that bloom in the late summer and early autumn! Despite its common name, this variety presents no problems for most allergy sufferers.


Learning Download: How to Grow Helenium

Helenium is also commonly known as Sneezeweed and blooms bright yellow flowers that resemble daisies. It is a perennial, but it will live for about four to five years.

Before Planting: Sow Helenium seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before the last frost. Transplant the flowers outside when the air is cool and there is still possibility of a frost.

Planting: Direct sowing can take place in the early spring or the early fall. When planting, barely cover the seeds with soil.

Watering: Keep the soil moist between watering.

Fertilizer: Feed Helenium once each spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer. Make sure you apply the fertilizer just before the new growth begins.

Days to Maturity: Helenium will bloom from the late summer to early fall.

Harvesting: Helenium can add to a bouquet’s appearance due to its clustered bloom and tall stems.

Tips: In the late June, cut the Helenium plants back to half of its height. This will make the foliage thicker and encourage more flowering the following spring.

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