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The Prairie Coneflower Ratibida is a beautiful meadow wildflower that produces an abundance of beautiful, vibrant yellow petals. This breathtaking variety is known for growing wild in the plains states. The Prairie Coneflower gets its name for its yellow petals surrounding tall cones. This flowering plant produces light-green foliage that creates a beautiful backdrop for the textured blooms.


Learning Download: How to Grow Ratibida

Ratibida is a perennial native to many parts of North America and is closely related to Rudbeckia. Ratibida can reach 60 inches in height and blooms with petals drooping downward and has dark green foliage.

Before Planting: Ratibida can be directly sown or started indoors. If started indoors, seeds require vernalization, which is wrapping planted pots in plastic and then placing them in the refrigerator for a week.

Planting: Direct sow seeds in May or early June. Space them 12 to 24 inches apart in the garden.

Watering: When watering, avoid getting water on the leaves of the plant.

Fertilizer: Ratibida doesn’t require a lot of fertilizer and one dose in the fall months should be enough for the plant.

Days to Maturity: Ratibida will bloom from mid-summer to fall.

Harvesting: If keeping Ratibida in a vase, snip the leaves off the stem to prevent mildew.

Tips: Ratibida can be susceptible to powdery and downy mildew, fungal spots and leaf smut. To prevent this, mulch around the plants and only water in the mornings.

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