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The Divaricata Phlox is a beautiful blue to lavender colored variety that gives off a wonderful aroma, making it a home garden favorite! This fragrant variety is a showstopper in any garden, container or vase!


Learning Download: How to Grow Phlox

Phlox adds an array of color to the garden and has fragrant blooms. It will bloom beautiful star-shaped flowers.

Before Planting: Plant Phlox indoors up to eight weeks before the last spring frost.

Planting: Once the seedlings have sprouted, move the container to a bright area and remove the plastic. Seedlings are ready to transplant after the last frost in the area. When transplanting, space the seedlings 10 inches apart.

Watering: Phlox should be watered regularly during its growing season.

Fertilizer: Phlox does well in tough-growing conditions, but it can benefit from an early application of fertilizer in the spring.

Days to Maturity: Phlox will begin to bloom 50-65 days after sprouting in early spring.

Harvesting: To save the seeds, allow a few blooms to remain on the plant until they have died. The seed pod will remain once the petals fall away. Cut the pods off the plant and place the pods in a paper sack to store indoors while the seed pods dry. Break open the pods and keep the seeds in a paper envelope until ready to plant the following year.

Tips: To encourage a second bloom in the same season, cut the plants back after the first flowering. Also, cut the plants back before winter so new growth returns in the spring.

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