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King Richard is a newer leek variety that grows well throughout the United States. This leek variety is a summer type, non-bulbing leek that grows to 12″ in length. King Richard has green leaves with white inside. This leek is a very early maturer and is not sufficient for overwinter growing.

Learning Download: How to Grow Leeks

Similar to an onion but with a sweeter flavor, leeks make a great addition to salads and soups. The vegetable is hardy and can often be grown in cooler climates.

Before Planting: Leeks are heavy feeders and require fertile soil (pH of 6.2-6.8) for best results.

Planting: Sow 3 months before last frost date, 2-3 seeds per cell, 1/4″ deep. Beginning in late spring, when approx. 8″ tall and pencil-thick, transplant outdoors 6″ apart, rows 24″ apart in holes dibbled about 6″ deep. Only 1-2″ of leaves need extend above the soil surface. Do not firm soil, allow irrigation or rain to fill in the dibble hole.

Watering: Since leeks have shallow roots, they require lots of water and a weed-free environment. Add mulch to retain moisture and deter weeds.

Fertilizer: A season prior to planting, add compost where the leeks will grow. After planting, feed the leeks every week with liquid fertilizer.

Days to Maturity: Leeks are ready to harvest in the late summer or early fall, and the whole plant should be harvested. (See each variety for days to maturity)

Harvesting: To harvest, loosen the soil and then lift the leeks out be the roots so you don’t damage the plant. Pick what you need until a freeze is suspected to hit, then harvest all the leeks.

Tips: During the growing period hill the plants with soil 2 or 3 times, higher with each hoeing. This forces the leaves higher up the plant resulting in extra long blanched stalks and a much greater edible portion.

AVG. Direct Seed Rate: 1,000 seeds/165′, 1 oz./1,650′, 11 oz. or 105M/acre at 6 seeds/ft. in rows 30″ apart.

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