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The Joe Pye Weed Eutrochium is a very popular, attractive, sun-loving and tall growing plant that can grow to be up to 6′ tall! This variety produces very strong stems that support its flowering body. These attractive stems are almost the same color as its dusty rose-colored flowers, which will bloom from June to August. When in bloom, these beautiful blooms will attract butterflies galore. The Joe Pye Weed grows aggressively, so plant in larger areas.


Learning Download: How to Grow Eutrochium

Although the Eutrochium is referred to as a weed, it has pretty blooms and can be very beneficial to the garden by attracting pollinators. This plant is a perennial that will return each year.

Before Planting: Prior to planting, rake the soil in which you will place the seeds.

Planting: Scatter the seeds across the top of the soil and water immediately after placing the seeds.

Watering: Eutrochium prefers the soil to be moist. Provide a deep watering regularly.

Fertilizer: Use a fertilizer specific for blossoming plants and apply it in the spring once the plant begins to show signs of new growth.

Days to Maturity: Eutrochium will typically bloom in the late summer to early fall.

Harvesting: To harvest seeds, place a mature seed head in a brown paper bag and shake it to loosen the seeds from the seed head.

Tips: Cut the plants back to 4 to 8 inches above the ground once it is done blooming. New growth will begin in the spring.

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