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The Emperor’s Wave Sedum is a beautiful flowering plant that produces dense, purple-red umbels that are held on dark-stems. The strong, blue-green foliage of this variety is very attractive and succulent. The Emperor’s Wave reaches to be 15 inches tall and wide and blooms in August through September. The Emperor’s Wave feeds honey bees, butterflies, and is a good cutting flower.


Learning Download: Sedum Growing Instructions

Sedum is a perennial plant that has thick, succulent leaves and its star-shaped flowers bloom in clusters. Sedum are easy to care for and are hardy, tolerant plants.

Before Planting: Most times, sedum prefers to be planted in areas that get full sun.

Planting: Sedum seeds should be planted in the early spring.

Watering: These plants do not require much water or care once they become established, but gardeners should still check them regularly to make sure the soil isn’t dry and in need of water.

Fertilizer: Usually, the only fertilizer needed to encourage sedum growth is a handful of all-purpose granular fertilizer. Sprinkle this on the soil each spring, and that should be all the sedum plant requires.

Days to Maturity: Sedum blooms in the late summer and last throughout the fall.

Harvesting: Sedum can work great as a cut flowers to display in a bouquet because of their longer stems and long-lasting blooms.

Tips: once the plant is finished flowering for the season, cut it back to maintain its shape or try to contain the plant to one area.

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