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The Evening Primrose is a long-lived and drought tolerant dwarf perennial that makes a nice ground cover around taller perennials and shrubs. This flowering plant is hardy and looks great when it is spilling over a retaining wall or spreading through a large rock garden.


Learning Download: How to Grow Primrose

Primroses are frequent additions to gardens, as border or in containers. Primroses prefer woodland conditions, such as damp areas.

Before Planting: Begin primroses inside in the wintertime. Sprinkle the seeds in trays and cover them lightly with soil or vermiculture. Then, place the trays in a plastic bag and place in freezer for two weeks. Remove from the freezer, poke holes in the bag and place it near a north-facing window. Two weeks later, move the tray to a south-facing window.

Planting: Once the primroses have their second or third true set of leaves, transplant them outside. When planting outside, space the plants 6 to 12 inches apart.

Watering: Water the primroses weekly, sometimes even more frequently if there is a period of drought, but begin to water less frequently when fall arrives.

Fertilizer: Begin fertilizing when the plants begin to blooms and use a water-soluble or liquid high-bloom fertilizer low in nitrogen. After you begin the process, reapply the fertilizer monthly as long as the primroses are in bloom.

Days to Maturity: Primroses bloom in the early spring and last throughout summer.

Harvesting: Primroses do not make a great bouquet flower.

Tips: Continuously prune out dead leaves or blooms, and this will prolong the primroses; blooming period.

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