The Czechoslovokian Horseradish Root is a productive west coast variety that will thrive anywhere, especially the midwest! This very attractive variety has a nice, creamy-white interior with an edible leafy top reaching at least two feet tall. The Czechoslovokian’s tangy bite makes it a must for any spicy lovers!

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Learning Download: How to Grow Horseradish

Homegrown horseradish is bursting with flavor, and it’s a perennial that many gardeners enjoy implementing in their garden plans each year. Homegrown horseradish has a fresh, bright flavor — more so than compared to the horseradish purchased from a store.

Before Planting: When picking a spot to plant your horseradish, make sure it’s the spot you will continue to grow the horseradish in for a long time because once the perennial is planted, you won’t want to move it.

Planting: Plant the cuttings at a 45-degree angle in loosened soil that is 12 inches deep, and leave the top of the root around 2 inches below the soil line. If you want more than one plant, space the root cuttings 30 inches apart in the garden.

Watering: Horseradish does not require much attention and only needs to be watered once a week.

Fertilizing: To keep the plant healthy, add a low-nitrogen fertilizer before and after its growing season.

Days to Maturity: Horseradish can be harvested one year after you planted the root. It is ready after frost has killed the leaves.

Harvesting: Harvest horseradish by freeing the main and side roots. Scrub the dirt from the main root under running water and dry it well. Store it in a perforated plastic bag for up to three months in the refrigerator.

Tips: To harvest root for the following fall or spring, cut off the top third of the root and then save the bottom part.

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