Humulus (Hops) Seed


The Humulus, or known as hops, is a climbing variety that produces green flowers that are most commonly used for brewing beer. The hops are what gives the beer its balance and depth as well as its bitterness.


Learning Download: How to Grow Humulus

Humulus is commonly known as hops, which are used mainly for brewing beer and they are what gives the beer its balance and depth, as well as adding bitterness. These plants are considered a rapidly growing perennial bine.

Before Planting: Hops can live up to 50 years, so be sure to plant them in a space you don’t mind them living in for a while.

Planting: When it comes to planting hops, plant three to six rhizomes two inches below the soil’s surface and space them three to five feet apart.

Watering: Make sure you water the hops plenty, because they require a lot of water, especially in their first year. It is best to establish a drip-irrigation system.

Fertilizer: Apply a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer to the plants in the late spring or early summer, and it can be applied as a commercial fertilizer, manure or organic matter.

Days to Maturity: Hops are ripe when the cones are light, dry and spring back easily when squeezed lightly. They should smell like a mix between cut grass and an onion.

Harvesting: For the first year, pick the cones off the bine and don’t cut the bine until it does. Following years, cut the bine down completely to harvest the hops.

Tips: Mature hops plants will require root pruning each spring, and the plant also will need to be trained to climb.

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