Caraway is a biennial herb that produces smooth, finely cut green leaves with little delicate and fragrant white flowers. This furrowed stem plant produces edible flowers and roots. Caraway has a delicious unique flavor that is great to use in baking and preserving.


Learning Download:  How to grow Caraway

Caraway is a biennial herb that grows best in cooler weather and has an edible taproot, similar to a parsnip. In its second year of growth, it will flower on 2-foot stems.

Before Planting: Start caraway early in biodegradable peat pots about 4 weeks before the last frost date because the plant does not transplant well and you can plant the entire pot in the garden.

Planting: If direct planting, sow seeds 1/4 inch deep and thin the successful plants to 18 inches apart.

Watering: Water regularly until the plant is established.

Fertilizer: Amend soil with aged compost prior to planting and provide a side dressing of compost in the middle of the growing season.

Days to Maturity: Snip the leaves from spring on to use in meals. Seeds can be harvested during its second year of growth after the plant flowers.

Harvesting: If harvesting seeds, allow them to dry out and turn brown.

Tips: Once caraway flowers, pinch off the flowers so it will grow another year. It might need cold protection if you are growing it in colder areas.

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