Collection Mix, Grape Plants


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Collection Mix, Grape Plants


1 red, 1 white, 1 purple grape plant! Enjoy the best of all grapes. Don't know what flavor and color to pick. Pick all 3 with the grape plant mix. Varieties include Concord (purple), Niagara (white), Catawaba (red). All SEEDLESS grape varietals.
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Growing Instructions

Learning Download: How to Grow Grapes

Gardeners don’t have to live in a vineyard to grow grapes, as grapes can grow in nearly any region throughout the United States.

Before Planting: Prior to planting, soak the roots in water for two to three hours.

Planting: Grapes should be planted in the early spring, when they are dormant. Space roots 6 to 10 feet apart and plant them 12 inches deep. Cover the roots with 6 inches of soil and firmly tamp it down. Fill the remaining space with 6 inches of soil that is loosely settled and not tamped down.

Watering: Wait until the soils is totally dry before watering and allow to dry thoroughly before you water again. Plants need less water in the winter.

Fertilizer: Grapes don’t require fertilizer in their first year, but in the second year, feed grapes lightly with a nitrogen fertilizer.

Days to Maturity: Grapes are ripe in the late summer or early fall when they are rich in color, easily crushed but not shriveled, plump and juicy.

Harvesting: To harvest, snip clusters of ripe grapes from the vine. Grapes should be tightly attached to their stem. Pick the grapes on a sunny day, which is when they will have the highest sugar content.

Tips: Some type of support, like a trellis, is needed to grow grapes. To keep birds and other animals away, arrange mesh netting over the vines.

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Grape plants will ship at the appropriate time for your planting zone. The chart below estimates when your grape plants will arrive. You will receive an email notifying you when your strawberry roots ship giving you a few days to prepare for planting.

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Grape Plant Spring Shipping Schedule
8,9,10 Mid-March
6,7 Mid-April
3,4,5 Mid-May



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