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Stunning mix that will grab everyones attention! Butterfly Daffodil bulbs have ruffled, fragrant and unusual shaped flowers. These daffodils are generally tall class of daffodils reaching 14-18 inches tall. These flowers are deer resistant and will perennialize if the foliage is allowed to die down.


Fall Shipping Item. Fall flower bulbs begin shipping mid-September through end of October.

To plant:
Daffodil bulbs are planted in the late fall so they will bloom in the spring. Many kinds of Daffodils require
a cold period to set the bulbs, but certain divisions of some Daffodils can tolerate warmer weather.
Plant the bulbs four weeks before the ground freezes. Plant the bulbs directly in the garden in full sun or
partial shade. Plant bulbs up to five times its own depth and 6 inches apart. 3 inches of soil should cover
the bulb during the winter months.

To grow:
When the Daffodil shoots begin to appear in the spring, resist the urge to completely uncover them. The
soil or mulch will keep the shoots warm against the colder days. Daffodils prefer full sun, and they will
grow even better if spent blooms are deadheaded. Once plants are done flowering in the spring, don’t
cut them back. They require up to six weeks after flowering to store energy in the bulb for the following
year. Once plants die on their own, cut them back to the ground. Daffodils are deer and rodent resistant.
However, Daffodils also are poisonous to pets. Daffodils grow well as borders or spaced out between
other flowers.

Cut Flowers:
Daffodils make excellent cut flowers, but they should be kept on their own when stored in a vase
because their stems emit a fluid which promotes wilting in other flowers. If the skin comes into contact
with the sap of the cut Daffodil stem, it may become irritated.
Where to buy Daffodil bulbs:

What Daffodils crave:
When planting the bulbs, add a little fertilizer into the hole in the soil with the bulb. Fertilize the flowers
in the spring when new growth appears with a liquid fish emulsion fertilizer mixed in with water. A 5-10-
5 granular fertilizer into the soil around the base. After Daffodils flower, add a low nitrogen, high potash
fertilizer. Once the flowers have died off, add bonemeal to the soil to benefit next year’s blooms. If
Daffodils are grown in a pot or under trees, supplemental feeding is more important. Granular fertilizers
should only be used if there is heavy rain or with heavy watering.

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