Alpinus Mix

Aster Seed


The Alpinus Mix is a beautifully vibrant blend of soft pink, white, rose, red, blue, purple and violet colored Asters, perfect for the home garden. The colorful blooms are produced in abundance on tall, double and semi-double stems.


Learning Download: How to Grow Aster

Aster is a perennial, which means it comes back year after year. Aster flowers can reach up to 8 feet tall depending on the variety, and the flowers will attract butterflies to the garden.

Before Planting: Begin Aster seeds indoors in small pots six weeks before the last frost. Cover the pots with a plastic bag to keep the environment warm and moist. Seeds should sprout within 10 days. Remove plastic once the seeds sprout.

Planting: once seedlings are 6 inches tall, transplant them outdoors. Space them 18 inches apart.

Watering: Aster flowers require 1 inch of water per week.

Fertilizer: Each spring, add a 2-inch layer of compost around the Aster flowers.

Days to Maturity: Aster flowers will bloom into the late summer and early fall.

Harvesting: To harvest, cut the stem low to the ground and check for insects that may be hiding in the stem, flowers or leaves. Bring the cuttings indoors and place in water immediately.

Tips: They grow better when trimmed lightly and when their dead flowers are deadheaded.

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