Aloha Blue

Ageratum Seed


The Aloha Blue Ageratum is a beautiful, tropical looking clustering flower that was bred for compactness and pack performance. This attractive variety produces many little purple-blue blooms and will deliver an excellent garden performance.


Learning Download: How to Grow Ageratum

Ageratum is a soft and fluffy flower that is native to Mexico and will attract butterflies to the garden. It most commonly grows in a petite form, and an excellent flower option for both a flower bed or to be planted along a border.

Before Planting: If starting indoors, start 8 to 10 weeks before transplanting outdoors and plant with one seed per container in a seed tray. Do not cover the seeds because Ageratum requires light to germinate. Prior to planting the seeds, amend the soil with a low dose of a balanced fertilizer.

Planting: Plant Ageratum after the last frost and when the soil begins to warm up outside. Plant seeds 1/8 inch deep and 1/2 inch apart.

Watering: Water the flowers regularly, at least until the plant becomes established, because this will ensure the plant blooms continually throughout its growing season.

Fertilizer: To continue stimulation of growth in the midsummer, you can provide the plants with a liquid plant food.

Days to Maturity: Ageratums will bloom from spring to fall.

Harvesting: The smaller, more compact varieties of Ageratum may not make the greatest option for cut flowers to add into a bouquet, but they can be dried.

Tips: When blooming, be sure to deadhead the spent blooms to encourage more blooms to grow.

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