Roma tomatoes are pear-shaped but smaller. Contains few seeds so it is great for canning and making sauces. Romas are amoung the most popular grown tomatoes in gardens and for markets. Known as the Italian tomato.

Baby Roma
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The Baby Roma, also known as the "Cherry Roma," is a miniature roma-shaped tomato that is bursting with an intense sweet flavor.

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The Federle Tomato is an uniquely shaped paste variety that has a wonderful tangy flavor that is perfect for making salsa!

Jersey Devil
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The Jersey Devil Tomato is an extremely prolific old heirloom paste-type variety that is shaped like a little banana pepper!

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The Napoli Tomato is an exceptional, bright red Italian paste type that is perfect for slicing, freezing and canning or making into sauce, soups or paste!

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The Roma Tomato is a popular heirloom elongated tomato preferred for cooking, canning and making a spectacular Italian paste.

San Marzano
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The San Marzano Tomato is an easy to grow, heirloom that is known as one of the best tomato 'sauce' varieties in the world!

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San Marzano
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The San Marzano is known as one of the best tomato 'sauce' varieties in the world. Urban Farmer grown San Marzano tomato plants that arrive ready to plant.