Habanero Peppers Seed

The habanero is a hot pepper that is in the Chili family. Habaneros turn from Green to Red or Orange when mature. Other colors are seed as well such as white, brown and pink. Typically, a ripe habanero chili is rated from 100,000-350,000 on the Scoville scale. Used to heat up salsas and other meals.


The hot, wrinkled Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper can be picked green at around 70 days, but for a sweeter flavor, allow them to turn red!

Chocolate Habanero
Pepper Seeds

The Chocolate Habanero Pepper is an extremely hot, chocolate-colored habanera that has a unique rich flavor that is un-duplicated by any other pepper.

Orange Habanero
Pepper Seeds

The Orange Habanera Pepper will mature from a silvery green to a bright orange color and is among the hottest peppers available!

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Peach Habanero
Pepper Seeds

The flavorful Peach Habanero Pepper is perfect for any hot pepper lover as it is a great for container plantings and patio gardens!