Bunching Onions Seed

Bunching onions are perfect for markets and home growing. Bunching onions give your the same taste of onions but faster growing and more versatile. Grow bunching onions closer together and use more of the plant! Great for salads, soups, dips, and other meals.


No garden is complete without the long, slender Nebuka Evergreen Bunching Onion as it is an essential, fresh or cooked, to Japanese and Chinese cooking!

Scarlet Bandit
Onion Seeds

The Scarlet Bandit Onion is a bunching variety that produces a beautiful scarlet red hue with flecks of white, making any salad or dish pop!


The Tokyo Long Bunching Onion is a small, tender and tasty bunching type with little white, crisp bulbs, loved by many chefs!