Ornamental Corn Seed

Ornamental corn is most commonly associated with beautiful fall decorations. Ornamental corn comes in variety of colors that look great next to pumpkins and gourds on a front porch. It has unlimited uses for dried arrangements, wreaths and other crafts.

Broom Blend
Corn Seed

The Broom Blend is a high yielding and easy to grow corn that is a mix of gold, red, bronze and purple that has been used for years in broom making.


The Ornamental Large Ear corn is a great ornamental corn that offers awesome display of color, making it the perfect corn for fall or holiday decorations.


The Strawberry popcorn is often grown for its ornamental quality, but has a delicious crunch and taste when used as a popped corn.

Corn Seed

The Wampum corn is an earlier version of a Carousel type of ornamental corn with shades of yellow, gold, white, pink, red, blue, black, and purple colors.

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The Red Husk Spectrum corn variety has red stalks and husk with kernels that are a combination of many unique colors, making it a wonderful fall display!