Purple Basil Seed

Purple basil taste like regular basil but can add that extra color to salads and dishes. This basil comes in different shades of purple.

Culinary Blend
Basil Seeds

The Culinary Blend is the perfect basil blend for a kitchen herb garden, as it offers both sweet and savory types of basil.

Dark Opal
Basil Seeds

The Dark Opal Basil is a unique, wonderfully delicious tasting, purple colored basil that is popular for micro green production!

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Purple Ruffles
Basil Seeds

The Purple Ruffles Basil is a large, heavily ruffled and fringed dark purple leaf variety with beautiful pink-purple flowers.

Red Rubin
Basil Seeds

The Red Rubin Basil is a reliable, popular red basil variety that produces beautiful dark red leaves that are perfect for home gardens!

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Basil Seeds

The bicolored Ararat Basil is a very versatile basil that can be used as a garnish, in a fresh bouquet, or in the garden.