Citrus Basil Seed

Zesty basil add that extra citrus touch to your dips and salsas. These basils have hints of lemon or lime in their flavor. These varieties of basil have a slight citrus flavor.

Culinary Blend
Basil Seeds

The Culinary Blend is the perfect basil blend for a kitchen herb garden, as it offers both sweet and savory types of basil.

Basil Seeds

The Lemon Basil is a very attractive and deliciously fragrant basil plant that offers such great smelling light green leaves!

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Mrs Burns
Basil Seeds

The Mrs. Burns Basil is a customer favorite that is known for its deliciously sweet and tangy lemon-lime flavor and scent!

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Basil Seeds

Just like in its name, the Lime Basil produces leaves that are bright green and have a very unique lime scent and flavor.