Clover Seed

One of the most common cover crops used today. Clover is easy to establishment and is a great living mulch between vegetables, fruits or trees. A perennial nitrogen producers with tough stems and a dense shallow root mass that protects soil from erosion and suppresses weeds. Once established, they stand up well to heavy field traffic and thrive under cool, moist conditions and shade.


The Crimson Clover is an attractive winter annual that can be planted fall or early spring and will protect and improve the soil.


The Ladino Clover is the most popular white clover in the USA as it is two to four times as large as the common white clover!


The Mammoth Red Clover is a large, fast growing clover that is an ideal grazing crop and can be sowed in spring, summer or fall!


The Medium Red Clover is fast to establish and can be grown in most soil types as well as sowed in spring, summer or fall!

Sweet Clover

The Sweet Clover is a legume that is exceptional for not only attracting honey bees to the garden, but also creating green manure!


The White Dutch Clover is a perennial clover variety that is a customer favorite for controlling erosion while protecting the soil!