Microgreen Growing Guide

Learning Download: How to Grow Microgreens
Location and Lighting:
Choosing a location for your microgreens is most important. Microgreens need several hours of direct light to produce healthy looking greens. Either a window with at least 8 hours of sun or a 18 hours with a grow light.

A flat container with drainage is most appropriate for microgreens. Drainage will allow for excess water to escape and allow grow media to dry between waterings.

Grow Media: 

Peat moss works great for microgreens. It allows for fast root growth and holds water well keeping the greens happy. Fill container with 1″ of grow media. Flatten top of media to make for easy planting and even watering.

Water 1-2 times daily with spray bottle. Evenly moisten top layer of soil. If possible use a plastic dome the first few days to keep humidity high.

Scatter seeds evenly on top of soil. Press gently into soil. Do not overcrowd seeds. Once seeds are scattered evenly place a thin layer of grow media over the top.

Harvest microgreens when you think they look ready. Most microgreens are ready between 10-15 days after germination. cut just above soil and wash thoroughly. Enjoy!