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Santa Fe Sunset F1
Sunflower Seeds

The Santa Fe Sunset F1 Sunflower is a gorgeous single bloom variety with light orange to deep burgundy petals resembling a sunset.

Goldetti F1
Squash Seeds

The Goldetti F1 Squash is a cylindrical golden orange winter squash variety with a dry stringy flesh resembling long, thin pasta.

Radish Seeds

The Rudolph Radish is known for being a "cute" smaller variety that has a very deep red hue and a nice uniform globe shape.


The Baker's Choice Marbled F1 Squash is a butternut winter squash variety that has a long round to oval and bulbous shape.

Current Top 10 Favorite Vegetables

Broadleaf Batavian Endive

The Broadleaf Batavian Endive has broad lettuce leaves with a slight twist. This endive forms leaves around 10-12 inches and heads that are tightly packed with a well blanched, creaming heart.


Early Golden Bantam Corn 

The Early Golden Bantam is an heirloom sweet corn that is a fast maturing yellow variety. This variety is an old time favorite selected for its tenderness.


Black Coral F1 Summer Squash

The Black Coral F1 Squash is a dark black zucchini hybrid with a glossy skin that is excellent when steamed, roasted or fried. This variety is a heavy yielder and has a great mildew tolerance.


Vivian Romaine Lettuce

The Vivian Lettuce is a tightly bunched romaine with broad dark green crisp leaves. Its erect dark green leaves are great for baby leaf production.


Blondy Okra

The Blondy Okra is a dwarf spineless variety that has ribbed creamy-lime green pods that are perfect for adding to soups or stews. This okra plant gets to be three feet tall and two feet wide, making it perfect for smaller gardens or containers.


Lutz Green Leaf Red Stem Beet

The Lutz Green Leaf Red Stem Beet has a beautiful deep red hue and a mouth watering taste that pairs perfectly with any dish. This variety is known for having huge glossy, deep green tops that are amazingly delicious!


Scarlet Kale

The Scarlet Kale is a heavily curled variety with sturdy green to red-purple leaves that will become more vibrant as the weather gets colder. This kale will not only add a beautiful pop of color to the garden, but also in salads or other dishes.


Arkansas Little Leaf Cucumber

The Arkansas Little Leaf Cucumber is a medium bush type that produces delicious white spined fruits that are perfect for pickling! This variety has smaller, compact leaves that are great for growing in containers.


Culinary Blend Carrot

The Culinary Blend Carrot contains a tasty mix of yellow, white and orange carrots. Each variety is suited for both baby root productions and cooking.


Galaxy of Stars Eggplant

The Galaxy of Stars Eggplant is breathtaking purple and white variety with a delicious flavor that is out of this world! This plump eggplant variety’s unique striations will remind you of a galaxy full of stars.