Red Russian
Kale Seed Seed

The Red Russian Kale is a very tender, colorful specialty kale for salad mix and bunching that is a special, refined strain variety.

Kale Seed

The Lacinato, aka Dinasour kale, Black Magic or Toscano, is a popular old heirloom kale variety that has very large tender leaves!

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Blue Curled Scotch Kale is a compact plant with very tender, blue-green, crinkled leaves that are quite delicious, very cold hardy, and rich in vitamin A.

Learning Download: How to Grow Kale

From Seed to Harvest: A guide to growing kale.

Health nuts everywhere can grow their own kale, as it is an easy crop to grow. The leafy green vegetable is commonly known as a cool-weather crop best for growth in the spring and fall seasons, but kale is hardy and can adapt to warmer environments.

To plant:

Kale can be sown directly into the garden two weeks before the last frost date. Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep and 3 inches apart in rows set 18 inches apart. For a fall crop, plant kale seeds in the late summer.

To grow:

Once seedlings appear, thin them to 8 to 12 inches apart. Water regularly to keep the soil moist, as this keeps the leaves crisp and sweet. mulch around the plants to prevent dirt sticking to the leaves of the kale and potentially rotting it.

To harvest:

Kale can be grown to its full size or harvested when the leaves are small and tender. Kale is ready to harvest when its leaves are the size of your hand. It usually takes up to 95 days for kale to be ready after planting it from seed. Don’t pick the terminal bud at the top of the plant, but harvest one fistful of leaves each time you pick the kale. Kale can grow until temperatures reach 20 degrees, and frost adds to the taste. The small, tender leaves can be eaten raw. When using, cut up the larger leaves and remove the ribs prior to cooking. 

What kale craves:

Upon planting the seeds, fertilize with a 5-10-10 fertilizer. Mix 1/5 cups of fertilizer with the top 3 to 4 inches of soil for a 25-foot row of kale. Throughout its growing season, you can fertilize kale with a side dressing of compost every six to eight weeks.

Where to buy kale seeds:

You can find many varieties of kale seeds, some with curled leaves and others with red stems at Urban Farmer.