Tobacco Seeds

Grow your own home tobacco plant free of additives! These heirloom tobacco plants have been around for years and grow great in home gardens.

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How to Grow Tobacco

Negro Black Also called "Tabaco Negro" in Spanish, is a name for dark tobacco that is dark in color and strong in taste. Black or dark tobacco is primarily used in cigars and dark cigarettes. It is often slowly darkened by a long curing and fermenting process to give a dark brown to black tobacco with exceptionally mild smoking characteristics. Negro Black grows 5' to 6' in height with a classic Virginian type plant form and leaf shape. The leaves are a medium to dark green averaging 12" to 14" in width and 20" to 22" in length. It matures in 55-60 days.

This coveted strain of tobacco (Nicotiana tobaccum) originally hailed from the Shiraz region of Persia. The tobacco plant is fast growing and produces thin leaves that are traditionally sun-cured and turn to a gorgeous light tan.

Little Dutch is an heirloom variety dating back to the 1880's. It is sweet aromatic tobacco used in pipe blends and as a cigar filler. It grow to around 3' in height and has narrow leaves growing up to 30" long. The long narrow leaves also make an excellent cigar wrapper. Excellent choice for container growing.

Pennsylvania Red is a rich full flavored tobacco and a long time favorite of cigar makers as a filler or binder. It grows to 5' in height and has very large long deep colored leaves reaching 3' in length. A very good producer with leaves cure to a deep reddish brown.

Japan 8 is a very sweet dark oriental tobacco with low nicotine content. It is a compact plant reaching 6' in height with long narrow leaves. The leaves average 8" wide and 24" long. Plants average 28 harvestable leaves. It can be air cures or sun cured. It is excellent as a blend for cigarettes or pipes. Air cured leaves are a deep brown and produce a mild smoke with a licorice like flavor.

This plant produces a deep dark heirloom tobacco that gives good weight. This is a tobacco prized by growers because it provides a great wrapper tobacco, a rich flavored pipe tobacco, or a premium snuff tobacco when ripe. It grows to 4-5 feet in height. The leaves grow up to 30 inches in length and 16 inches in width and are often fire cured.

Corojo 99 is a hybrid decedent of the original El Corojo seed from Cuba in the 1930's. It is sometimes called a sister of Habano 2000. Corojo 99 is larger and much more disease resistant than the original strain, but still produces a dark brown silky grained wrapper with with a rich spicy cedar aroma. It is one of a few wrappers that does well in both sun or shade. The plants grow to 7-8 feet in height and produce 18 - 20 leaves on average. Maturity is 75-80 days from planting.

Burley 9 is a high-yielding mid-season variety for air curing and drying. Leaves are light green, averaging 16" wide by 24" long. The leaves turn yellow as they ripen and dry to a light golden brown. It matures in 65 days. Burley 9 is drought resistant and resistant to disease. Nicotine content of 1.6%

Virginia Bright Leaf is an heirloom variety dating back many decades. It averages 6' in height with 18-20 leaves per plant below the crows foot. It reaches maturity when blooms appear at 55 days. The light green leaves average 12" wide by 24" long and become a light yellow/green when ripe. Leaves began to ripen as the plant reaches bloom. Air cures easily to a light golden brown with yields averaging 3 oz of dried leaf per plant.

Jasmine is a fast growing ornamental that can be planted in early spring. It starts blooming in only 3 weeks after transplant and produces a profusion of sweet smelling flowers that last all summer long. The flowers close during the day and reopen in the late afternoon. Jasmine has one of the sweetest fragrances of any flower we have grown and its scent will fill the evening air in the surrounding area. It is also very attractive to Hummingbirds

Shirey is a dark Virginian type tobacco with a mild flavor but with a fuller richer flavor than Virginia Golds have. It is an an excellent tobacco for a cigarette or pipe blend. It produces a large leaf that air cures easily to a medium brown. It is a hardy plant and with stands moderate late season frosts. Grows to a height of 5 1/2 to 6 feet and matures in 65 days.

Burley 64 is a columnar formed plant growing to 6' in height, and reaches maturity in about 65 days. It is a white stemmed burley with large light green leaves that turn bright yellow as they ripen. It gives good yields with very little suckering, and cures easily, either stalk hung or primed. Burley 64 is resistant to black root rot, tobacco mosaic virus, fusarium wilt, and black shank.

Connecticut Shade leaf produces some of the finest cigar wrappers in the world. Does best and produces the best leaf when grown in the shade. Grows to over 9' in height producing 26-28 leaves. The plants are very uniform and have little to no suckering. The leaves are a light green averaging 12" x 18" and turn a mottled yellow as they ripen.

Fast growing tobacco that is great for very short growing seasons. It can be planted out earlier than many other tobaccos and mature plants are frost tolerant. It is mild to smoke but has a high nicotine content.

Aztec Rustica is native to central and South America. It grows to 30" high with abundant bright yellow flowers that are very attractive to bees and hummingbirds. Flowering lasts up to two months. Leaves air cure to a medium to dark brown and produce a very mild flavored smoke. Aztec has a very high nicotine content. The leaves are often used by home gardeners to make a very effective insecticide by soaking them in water to make a "tea". The tea is then sprayed onto vegetables and flowers and lasts up to six weeks. Grows well in cool climates and tolerates frost.

Olor produces a leaf of very good quality. The plant grows to 6' with little to no suckering. The leaves are light green, sharply pointed and average 14" wide and 20" to 22" long, becoming yellow as they ripen. It reaches maturity and begins blooming in approximately 60 days. * "The Dominican Republic is the leading country worldwide when it comes to tobacco cultivation. Its cigars are the most popular in the United States, one of the most tobacco-loving countries in the world. They have recently been able to overtake their direct rival, the Havana cigar, as the world’s most popular tobacco According to the International Tobacco Growers’ Association, they have already conquered 60% of the North American tobacco market. At the same time, the whole of Europe as well as most African and Asian countries, including China, are faithful clients of the Dominican tobacco market."

Black Sea Samsun originated in the Samsun region of Turkey near the Black Sea. It's prized for rich flavor and aroma, but yet mild to smoke. It grows 4'-5' in height and matures in 65-70 days, and is often sun cured. An excellent blend for cigarettes or pipes, or on its own.

Virginia 15 is a light, aromatic cigarette and pipe tobacco. The plant grows to an average of 5' in height producing 22 leaves per plant. Leaves average 14" wide and up to 20" to 22" in length. It is a low nicotine variety with dried leaf averaging 0.95%. It is resistant to most diseases. Virginia 15 is a late maturing variety reaching bloom at 90-95 days.