USDA Hardiness Gardening Zone Finder


When adding new perennials to your landscape it’s necessary to determine the difference between which plants will thrive in your region and which plants may need to be treated as annuals. Information such as light requirements and soil conditions are also important factors, but hardiness is key when selecting perennials. That’s where a planting zone map comes in handy.

A planting zone map lays out which hardiness zone you live in. These zones are broken down by a 10 degree difference in the average minimum temperature. For example the lower planting zone with a hardiness of 3 could have cold lows of -40° to -30° degrees Fahrenheit, where the warmest zone might only have lows in the 30° degree range. Once you’ve determined which hardiness, or planting zone, you live in then this information will assist you when purchasing hardy plants for your area.

Planting zone maps not only contain useful information, but could save you money and aggravation. All of Urban Farmer’s perennial plants are labeled with the best growing zones to help you make the best selection for your location.
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