Sunflower Seed

Helianthus (Sunflowers) are always customer favorites because of their beautiful color, large size and ease of growing. Easily create a beautiful border or field of sunflowers for everyone to marvel at.

The Dwarf Sungold Double Sunflower is easy to grow and produces unique, soft golden yellow blooms that are sure to grab your attention! This shorter variety is great for garden borders and makes an excellent cut flower.

The Mammoth Grey Striped Sunflower is a tall plant with massive blooms that are easy to grow and can thrive in poor soil with little moisture. This large sunflower grows upwards of 12 feet tall and produces flowers that will range from 6-15" inches.

The Irish Eyes Sunflower makes for a great addition to any garden, patio container or bouquet with its bright golden petals and green center. This sunflower is easy to grow and thrives in full sun. This sunflower is on the shorter side, reaching 2-3 feet tall, which makes it perfect for patio containers! The Irish Eyes blooms all summer long and its seeds are wonderful toasted for a delicious snack!

The coppery brown, rose and gold shades of the Harlequin Sunflower will bloom its beautiful, fiery colors all summer long! This sunflower produces 6 inch pollen-free flower-heads and can grow up to 5 feet tall. The hardy Harlequin is easy to grow and loves full sun. This sunflower is perfect to add a pop of color to any garden and is beautiful cut in a bouquet!