Grasses, Ornamental

Ornamental Grasses Seed

Ornamental grasses can add beauty and allure to any landscape! They are the perfect decoration in any flower bed, border or even cut-flower arrangements. Our selection of ornamental grasses can add the perfect touch to any home garden.

Ornamental grass that grows in an upright, clumping habit. Fine-textured foliage emerges green, fading to tan. Fluffy, cream-colored flowers emerge in summer. Excellent, non-invasive substitute for Mexican feather grass.

Beautiful pink blooms of Savannah Ruby Grass are an attention grabber in any garden. It stands out in color displays and containers. The inflorescences emerge midsummer with a deep pink-burgundy hue and open into a shiny, shimmering pink. The iridescent blooms last a very long time, creating a rainbow of pinks throughout the growing season and ending in a muted, buff color. Hardy to zone 8, otherwise an annual in cooler zones.

Papyrus is native to Africa and produces tall, clump forming, gentle perennial sedge that features a grass like cluster of triangular green stems that rise from thick, woody rhizomes. Each stem is topped by an umbrella like growth that contains hundreds of narrow arching thread-like rays. Greenish brown flower clusters appear at the ends of the rays. Flowers give way to brown, nut like fruits that your birds will love. Grows best in zones 9-10.

Beautiful textural element for fresh and dried bouquets. This grass is easy to grow. A vigorous wheat/rye cross.

The Pampas is a beautiful and large ornamental grass that will grow its long, silky plumes in the late summer so it can be enjoyed all throughout fall. This variety can grow to be 6 to 12' feet tall!

A large clump of brown panicles, which hang from striking upright stems, rise up from a non-spreading clump of fine-textured blades. Very similar to pampas grass, this hardy, long-lived, evergreen specimen will remain attractive all winter long. A strong growing plant that can be a focal point for a sunny location in your garden.

Snowy Wood Rush is a slowly spreading evergreen perennial with fairly dense clusters of shimmering white flower spikes in early and mid-summer. The plant forms a loose clump of narrow, rich, green leaves, 12" long with edges of fine hairs.

Purple Love Grass grows low to the ground in dense tufts, 8-18" tall. In late summer the fine-textured, stiff inflorescence appears like reddish-purple clouds hovering at ground level. Eventually this inflorescence breaks off and floats around like a tumbleweed.

A large sedge with cinnamon brown color that shines all year. One of the hardiest and longest lived sedges for full sun, well drained soil and light consistent summer water. To 14″ tall but spreading up to 3′ across. Trailing stems hold little brown flowers in summer. Very good winter appearance. Easy to grow but give it room to spread. Also know as Hair Sedge, Bronzina and Red Grass.

A stiff upright gray-green canes, large inflorescence tan to bronze to silver, wet soil, sun to partial sun. Grows to a height of about 4'.