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Buckwheat Seed

Buckwheat is a broadleaved summer annual that is fast growing and thrives in all soil conditions. An excellent weed suppressor and soil builder. Can produce 2-3 tons of dry matter in 6-8 weeks. Great for attracting beneficial insects and pollinators.

The Common Buckwheat is a grain that can be planted late spring to early summer and improves top soil and an effective choke weed! This variety establishes quickly and matures in 60 days. This buckwheat accumulates phosphorus and and potassium for following crops and is frost sensitive. Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench): Cool Season, Grain, Annual, Upright growth habit, Enhances soil P availability,Crude protein: straw 5%, grain 13% Uses: Bees & Beneficial Insects, Green Manure, No Till, Organic Matter (Biomass), Weed Suppresion