Bees And Beneficial Insects

Bees and Beneficial Insects Seed

Attracting bees to your farm or garden is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Bees help increase vegetable yields and health of plants. If you can't have a bee hive on your property the next best thing is bee attracting plants.

The Elite cowpea is a bush type cream southern pea that produces heavy yields of 7" pods with cowpeas that are delicious and easy to shell. This cowpea is one of the most productive of all the cream peas. If you are using for Nitrogen fixation we highly recommend using a cowpea inoculant. Try with cowpea inoculant for maximum Nitrogen fixation.

The Zipper Cream cowpeas are very easy to grow and are a tasty Southern favorite! This variety produces bushy 2-3' plants that bear heavy yields. The 6-9" large pods have large, creamy-white seeds. There are 18-20 seeds per pod. The Zipper Cream is an easy to shell cowpea.

The Black Crowder cowpea is a high yielding variety of long pods. The cowpeas themselves have a deep purple color when first shelled which then turn black when dried. The Black Crowder's green pods are easy to shell. Try with cowpea inoculant for maximum Nitrogen fixation.