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Barley Seed

Barley is gaining popularity for forage. The reason being for this is that barley tends to be high in sugar and very soft with high digestibility. Barley also is very palatable/. The downside with barley is it can not take very wet areas or may winterkill. As a grain, barley is 10 days earlier than wheat. Great for a double crop.

The Thoroughbred Barley is a widely adapted variety of barley that is high yielding, with a great straw strength and a high test weight. This grain is a good standing six-rowed barley. This variety is resistant to powdery mildew and barley yellow dwarf virus. Uses: Bees & Beneficial Insects, Erosion Control, Green Manure, Nitrogen Scavenger, No Till, Organic Matter (Biomass), Weed Suppression