Urban Farmer began in 2008 with just 10 seed varieties. An avid gardener, founder Noah Herron had plenty of left over vegetables that he used to harvest seed and sell online. The first year he quickly sold all of the seed due to the demand for non-GMO, organic seeds. Urban Farmer quickly grew to offer hundreds of varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds.
The demand for high quality seed allowed Noah to work part-time on growing Urban Farmer until 2011 when it became a full time pursuit. Currently we offer more than 1,000 seed varieties as well as plants, bulbs, and garden supplies to gardeners and farmers throughout the United States.

Our Farm

Urban Farmer produces over 40+ varieties of seed each year from our farm in Westfield, Indiana. We always select the best strains of the varieties we grow, resulting in higher yields, uniform growth, and delicious flavor. Our goal is to preserve as many heirloom vegetable varieties for future generations as possible. In addition to producing seed on our farm in Indiana we work closely with with a network of growers both in Indiana and across the United States to produce seed for us.

Our Philosophy
Our goal is to help preserve and improve heirloom seeds through organic and natural farming methods. Not only do we want to preserve heirloom genetics we want to encourage and teach young and old the value of local farming and the benefits to the local community.

Our food system is broken and needs fixed. Our society has become accustomed to out-of-season fruits and vegetables shipped from all over the world. This is unhealthy and puts a burden on the economy both locally and where the food is sourced. Produce is harvested before fully maturing reducing overall taste and nutritional value. Hybrid varieties are chosen for shipping quality and shelf life instead of nutritional values and flavor. Shipping produce from Mexico to Indiana adds additional strain on the environment with fossil fuels and wasted shipping materials.
Appreciating and supporting our local farmers is the best way to feed a growing population. Paying for local food can be more expensive but you get a much better product. Local produce has more flavor, nutritional value and keeps money within your community. Local food is more nutritional thus making people more healthy. Less money spent on medical bills and doctor visits. Not only supporting local farmers but growing family gardens is a great way to feed families. Gardens can cut down on grocery bills and working in the garden has shown to extend life expectancy and happiness.
We believe in the value of a re-built food system that can naturally support the worlds population through health environments, healthy economies, healthy communities and healthy bodies. Everyday that we are in business, we are working to provide an essential component in the re-building of our healthy food system.