Hungarian Hot Wax
Pepper Seeds

The Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper has thick "waxy" walls that turn from yellow, to orange and to red and are excellent for pickling, frying or stuffing.

Hungarian Sweet Wax
Pepper Seeds

The light yellow to orange-red Hungarian Sweet Wax Pepper is a great pepper for pickling and adding into salads or sandwiches.

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Pepper Seeds

The Karma Pepper is by far the #1 pepper in North America for its high yield, big size, beautiful color and delicious taste!

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Lemon Drop
Pepper Seeds

The Lemon Drop Pepper is an excellent seasoning pepper from Peru with a crisp and clean, uncomplicated flavor is hot with some citrus notes.

Pearl Millet

The Pearl Millet is a very tall grass that can reach to be 15 feet tall that is used as a multiple cut forage grass and green manure.