Ambrosia Hybrid
Melon Seeds

The Ambrosia Hybrid Melon is popular for home gardens due to it's luscious salmon-red flesh and extra-sweet flavor that simply melts in the mouth!


The Cayenne Long Red Slim Pepper is a traditional medium heat cayenne that will mature red and wrinkled with a mixture of straight and curly fruits.

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Brussels Sprout Seeds

The Churchill Brussels sprout is an early maturing Brussels sprout that produces flavorful, medium green, smooth, large heads.

Iron and Clay
Cowpea Seeds

Iron and Clay cowpeas makes a great cover crop for smothering weeds and adding Nitrogen to soil during spring as the frost will kill the cowpeas.

Orange Oxheart
Tomato Seeds

The Orange Oxheart Tomato is an oxheart variety that has vigorous vines that produce plenty of beautiful, orange tomatoes.

Pink Oxheart
Tomato Seeds

The Pink Oxheart Tomato is a beautiful pink oxheart shaped variety that has vigorous vines that produce plenty of attractive and tasty tomatoes.

Yellow Oxheart
Tomato Seeds

The Yellow Oxheart Tomato is just perfect looking and has a sweet and juicy flavor that will make you want to keep growing it for years!