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Brussels Sprout Seeds

The Churchill Brussels sprout is an early maturing Brussels sprout that produces flavorful, medium green, smooth, large heads.

Corn Seed

Devotion corn plant will produce 16 to 18 rows of attractive, bright white kernels that make it very popular for market use.


The Dimpled Brown Crowder is an excellent cowpea for canning, freezing or drying, it can also be used for Nitrogen Fixation.

Early Butternut
Squash Seeds

This award-winning Early Butternut Squash produces excellent yields of medium-sized fruits are tan in color and have a blocky shape.

Iron and Clay
Cowpea Seeds

Iron and Clay cowpeas makes a great cover crop for smothering weeds and adding Nitrogen to soil during spring as the frost will kill the cowpeas.

Mortgage Lifter
Tomato Seeds

The slightly flattened, pinkish-red Mortgage Lifter Tomato ranges from 1 all the way to 3 pounds and are meaty, very flavorful and only have few seeds.

Corn Seeds

Providence corn is a TripleSweet bicolor sweet corn with excellent eating quality that is suited for roadside and farm market sales.

Corn Seed

The Serendipity corn is a new type of corn offering 2 kernel types - 75% sugar enhanced and 25% supersweet - making it absolutely delicious!

Silver King
Corn Seed

The Silver King corn is a Sugar Enhanced corn type that is amongst the earliest corns to mature and the variety is wonderfully resilient.

Melon Seeds

Originating in Italy, the deeply ribbed 3-5 lb. Tuscany Melon has a small seed cavity, fine rind and one of the most flavorful flesh around!