Bean Seeds
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The Contender bean is a stringless bush bean that produces a huge yield of tender beans that have excellent flavor and very reliable.


The Pencil Pod Black Wax bean is a highly productive and long standing bush bean that are bushy, vigorous, and resistant to rust and mosaic virus.


The Red Veined Sorrel is a green variety has very showy leaves with a dark maroon vein that is great for salads, soups, stews and more.

Ruby Red
Lettuce Seeds

The Ruby Red Lettuce is an early variety that produces good yields of bright green to ruby red colored leaves that do not fade in the hot weather!

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Ruby Red
Swiss Chard Seeds

The Ruby Red Swiss Chard is a beautifully deep red colored chard that is fast growing, very tasty and will add a pop of color to any garden!

Spring Raab
Broccoli Seeds

Every part of the Spring Raab broccoli can be used for cooking, as it has a delicate sweet delicious flavor and is high in vitamins and minerals!